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A beautiful red floral 3D applique piece embroidered onto a net backing.   This large applique would be a perfect decoration for a lyrical costume bodice or evening wear dress.

3D Sequin Flower AF1005

A single gold corded applique in a trailing floral design embroidered onto organza with a 3D flower near each end . Displayed across the bodice on a mannequin.
Vintage gold corded closely embroidered applique with two 3D layered flowers spaced apart onto a trailing stem and leaf  design e
Heavily beaded apricot orange floral applique embroidered with a pale apricot thread  thread and embellished with darker apricot beads and 3D flower petals.  The applique is displayed on a mannequin.
Mirrored pair of baby blue corded floral lace appliques.  The appliques are laying flat on white netting inside a wooden embroidery ring.
Embroidered black scroll applique for decorating cosplay costumes and ballet and dance costumes.
A pair of black corded appliques in a floral design. laying flat on a white background.
A closeup of the floral design of  the black corded lace applique .
Heavily embroidered black mirrored lace applique pair displayed on a mannequin.
Narrow black lace trim with triangle shaped peaks laying flat across wooden embroidery hoops.

Black Lace Trim TBL1003

1.8 cm black elasticated ruffled organza trim displayed across an embroidery hoop.
Black gathered organza trim sewn onto black elastic .
Black elastic stretched and sewn into the centre of a 2.5cm  black organza to create  an elasticated ruffled trim .
Black scalloped lace trim laying  diagonally across wooden embroidery rings.
A wide stretch delicate open weave chantilly  lace with a floral lower border  finished with a scalloped eyelash edge. Displayed across a wooden embroidery hoop .
Blueembroidered applique with brassy gold cording outlining all the leaves stems and flowers . the applique is draped across a mannequin bodice e
Striking blue embroidered trim with metallic gold cord and thread.
Striking blue embroidered flower with metallic gold cord and thread.
Blue non-stretch sequins in a serpentine pattern edged with a metallic silver thread border.  The sequins are wrapped around a white card with a single strand lying flat across the image.


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